Cutter 520-S1

Cutter 520-S1

The most important

The electronic gear allows cutting any size and adapts to the register mark by the tactile touch screen.

The speed is taken from the host system by an encoder or dancer.

It can be moved from one machine to another in a few minutes.


  • Maximum web width: 520 mm (20”)
  • Minimum web width: 200 mm (8”)
  • Weight of paper: 60-180 gr.m2
  • Variable size: 6” – 16”
  • Double cut from 12” to A4
  • Pile stack delivery maximum: 1000 sheets 70 gr.
  • Single and double stream production
  • Side trim shear knife
  • Maximal speed: 180 m. min.
  • Maximal speed with double cut with slug out: 160 m. min.
  • Maximal speed with tractor infeed: 150 m. min.
  • Weight: 1200 Kg
  • Electrical specifications: 400/480V 3L+PE