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The RollTEC-4UP is a machine developed for the manufacture of coils with printing from 2 to 4 sheets, one on top of the other, joined together by a very fine bead of white glue, allowing the production of a different and special product.

Specially designed for the preparation of instructive leaflets that can be applied in different business sectors such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, publishing, etc.

The reels supplied are put in line with inserting machines, creating a different product that allows more information to be provided in the same document without changing the final size, creating a small multi-sheet book.


  • Maximum paper width: 500 mm.
  • Maximum diameter of the initial roll in Unwinder: 1,240 mm.
  • Paper Weight: 38 to 120 grsm2
  • Electronic control of the shot Speed: 100m. min
  • Coil Elevator Belt Aligner 70mm or 3" Expandable Air Shafts
  • Diameter Unit of central paper Over position 2UP / 3UP / 4UP
  • Cold glue application unit Blades
  • Inspection Chambers
  • Circular for cutting
  • Reversing bars with air
  • Refine Side Vacuum Cleaner
  • Rewinder Final coil diameter 4500mm diameter