The most important

The modular Unwind 520-U1 and Rewind 520R1 generate full-line printing roll to roll with tension and a good quality finish, allows us to offer possibilities in different sectors of the web to print, print on demand, direct mail and other systems of high quality finishes.

520-U1 is an independent unwinding module, easy to install, your system enables reliable control dancer of the band and the roll.

The lift roll is agile and secure, once set into place automatically engages and becomes it’s operational.

The control of the maneuver is done to beams of its touch screen.

R-520 is a module of Independent Rewind, easy to install, thanks to its robustness and reliability in a few minutes you can put forward a line of print and girders of its many options to adapt to any digital printer.

Touch screen can control its operation, has automatic stop of working end, a lift roll facilitates the work and control of the paper is complete thanks to the dancer that maintains the belt tension.

You have the possibility to put drilling or cutting blades finished doing double production.


  • Maximal speed: 200 m. min.
  • Roll diameter: 1320 mm (52”)
  • Web width: 200-520 mm
  • Pull strength: 400 N
  • Electrical specifications: 400/480V 3L+PE